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empathy delivery

There really is nothing like pure empathy, not sympathy, not “oh that happened to me once”, not a pat on the shoulder, but an authentic understanding of your feelings. Empathy can change your emotional state completely, and it frees you to give empathy in return instead of fiercely defending and describing your own situation again and again. Real empathy isn’t common, at least not yet, so chances are that a few of us could use some. So here goes,

I hereby declare a large dose of empathy for anyone:

  • that has a partner that doesn’t seem to enjoy parenthood as much as you’d like
  • that is overwhelmed by the work in their life, by the long list that seems to never get shorter, or more fulfilling
  • that is apart from their family, or parts of their family, and yearns for everyday connection with those dear people
  • that worries where the money for the cell phone bill is going to come from
  • that feels alone, like there isn’t anyone that truly knows them, or cares for them, or notices them at all
  • that is feeling fat
  • that didn’t get enough sleep last night, or the night before
  • that has a sick child and is tired of the seemingly endless run of sniffles, fevers, and coughs
  • that is ready for Spring; picnics, sandals, and skirts, but keeps waking up to clouds and drizzle


Have a wonderful weekend. If you’d like to add anything to this list and forward it to someone you know that could use a little empathy, let me know.


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empathy delivery

Let’s all pretend for a moment…

We’re getting together for tea today. We rode our bikes. See mine (or yours) up above? Yes isn’t it a lovely day? We certainly are not staring bleery eyed at a computer screen, no siree. And we are not pressed for time. And we are not concerned about anything. Nope. We live in a quaint, sunny place (all year round), and we are surrounded by loved ones. Today is the day we all gather together, share good food, listen to each other’s stories, and offer empathy to one another. Let’s imagine these bits of empathy scattered throughout our blissful day.

I hereby deliver a platter of empathy to any and all:

  • that are fed up with sickness, quarantine, puking, and sniffles.
  • that did not buy the groceries they prefer to buy, due to a tighter than comfortable budget.
  • that feel stuck.
  • that do not want to leave their children with someone else in order to work a part-time, minimum wage , job.
  • that have the November blues.
  • that see a break-up on the horizon.
  • that share their children.
  • that have a vision for their lives that isn’t matching their current situation.
  • that could seriously use some new clothes.
  • that feel they have changed and want others to notice.
  • that want things to move faster than they are.
  • that want to move their body a lot more than they are currently able.

Oh, I am so glad we did this. What a beautiful day. We really should do this more often. Next weekend? Works for me. You should bring a friend! I think I’ll serve chocolate fondue next time, or maybe peach-raspberry pie.

November 20, 2009 at 5:00 am 4 comments

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