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life with kids – rule #1: make no plans

Today I thought I could start to gather some of the trinket thingies around the house. We have ceramic birds, a swan, a hippo, two mice, two pigs, little sweet things that hide here and there, and I thought gently wrapping these up might feel like an accomplishment, like I am making a dent in all that needs to be done these days. As soon as my mind formulated this plan, you know where this is going, oh the folly of plans!, this is what I found in our living room.

And… what is she standing in while playing? That’s right, the box.

Oh well. Time for plan B.


December 9, 2009 at 1:04 am 1 comment

would you like a pink crocodile head with that?


This is why I love kids.

For the past two days our living room has been a tattoo parlor. When Bella and Xi were first setting up shop – creating a menu of choices- I wondered silently, hmmmmm, who are the clients going to be? But sure enough, by 9 a.m. they had their first customer:  Echo. With a rainbow blazoned across her chest, a maple tree up one calf, and a river across her palm, Echo continued to pick and choose further additions. And a couple hours later, a drop-by from our friends Romy and Salome, yielded another client. Romy graciously lifted her sweater sleeves to get two new “sleeves” of marker drawn flowers, snowflakes, and hearts. Papa came through for client number three, he picked the always popular rainbow, heart with an arrow through it, and the not always so popular among the inked crowd: pink musical note.

Kids are the very best at rising above the limitations of their situation. They dream big. Early morning in your own living room? Perfect moment to start a tattoo business!

And ooooh, the choices!


Who wouldn’t want a grape jelly bean tattoo? Other choices included: a tree, gum, orange, pink crocodile head, ski jump, tooth, rainbow, horse, rocket, tulip, musical note, sprouting diamond, zig zag, bear head, hand, book, bubble, bindi, and more.

By late afternoon on Sunday, I had to admit, the bear head was looking like a pretty decent choice.


But I couldn’t stop there. The girls’ cool little hands and that tickly scratchy marker felt so good. Like a strange, foreign, forearm massage. I ran out of arm room before I ran out of interest. I thanked them with a handshake for their business and they blushed.

Who am I to doubt? For kids the living room is a tattoo parlor if you want it to be. There are clients around every corner, if you’re looking for them (and aren’t picky about who they turn out to be). And bear heads really are a hot commodity in the skin decoration market, I mean they’re cute, and have a bow ties, and why not? My adult mind, doing dishes in the kitchen, just couldn’t see the vision, but I am so glad their wide open minds could.

November 9, 2009 at 5:00 am 3 comments

Xi and Bravery

January 30, 2009 at 4:09 am 3 comments

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