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ooh doggie, aka: pew

One of these days I will get really smart and set ourselves up for the return. As we scamper about getting ready for a trip I’m always too busy, or too preoccupied to prepare for the fact that we will actually come back.

Well last night we did just that. Our toddler was dead to the world, asleep in the plane, asleep during the van ride home, and still asleep when we plopped her into bed. The older girls were desperate for bed as well. Missing their Nana, travel weary, and freaked out by the way-out-of-the-norm-fact that it was nearly midnight and they were still awake, they simply couldn’t crawl under their covers fast enough.

Our trip was fantastically wonderful, but the day after? Not as fun. I guess it’s mostly the fridge I’m talking about. Milk, beans, and lettuce left by their lonesome for ten days? Pew. Leftover airplane snacks for breakfast? No thanks. Next time perhaps, after contracting the three pet sitters, (dog, snake, and hamster all went separate ways), a plant waterer and cat feeder, and a substitute shipper for Feeleez, I will remember to contract a fridge cleaner-outer and refresher. Someone that comes in the day before and fills the fruit bowl, dumps out stinky milk, and fills the cupboards with fresh staples would be dreamy.

But really, despite the compost fumes burning our nostrils, we can’t complain. We are filled up. Ten days of tender grandparent care, long drives that made for intimate conversations, beach sand between our toes, and damp southern air sifting onto our shoulders, made a mark. We are content human beings.  And coming home to Missoula keeps our souls buoyant. Green trees, a river that cuts straight to the heart, and the embrace of favorite-est friends makes for a sweet transition.


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home again, home again

homeAfter the blue, yellow, and peach tones of Santa Cruz we are back to the green, brown, and rust tones of Missoula.

The girls, figuratively speaking, went from the big strong arms of their loving Granpa to the big strong arms of their loving Papa. A fair trade, yes, but one that brings strong emotions. Sadness and happiness at the same time. Glad to see Papa. Sad to leave Granpa. Glad to be home and sad to be back at the same time.

Strong feelings for Mama too. Between the parentheses of Santa Cruz and Missoula there was a car ride, flight, long layover, flight, and another car ride. This time the girls did not bask in the praises of fellow travelers. They slept, fought, and cried throughout. I reminded myself that they are indeed “good” children nonetheless. I gave them, and myself, heavy doses of empathy for our plight.

And now we are home and attempting to find ourselves again within the scents of this house and the objects we left behind. Smiling widely at the frantic swing of Henry dog’s tail, sinking easily into Nathan’s aura and our soft bed, musing gently over the ability to hold powerful and different feelings at the same time.

To use the Feeleez poster to describe these feelings I think we might have to snip, rip, and cut each little illustration into tiny pieces, mix it with water and warm it on the stove.

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