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em, echo, dad

The love brigade has arrived.

Through a series of happy events, Kris and her family are basking in some warm sunshine for a week, and both my sister and my father are housesitting for them while they are gone. This means that in one single evening Emily arrived from Portland, and my dad arrived from Santa Cruz. Within a couple of hours they were piled on the bed reading to Echo and giving her face rubs. Aaaaaaaaaah heaven.

I love my family so much. It is a daily task to not miss the missing parts as much as I do, so to have a portion of them here with me, bathing my daughter in love, is incredible.

echo and dad


November 1, 2009 at 9:47 pm 3 comments

home again, home again

homeAfter the blue, yellow, and peach tones of Santa Cruz we are back to the green, brown, and rust tones of Missoula.

The girls, figuratively speaking, went from the big strong arms of their loving Granpa to the big strong arms of their loving Papa. A fair trade, yes, but one that brings strong emotions. Sadness and happiness at the same time. Glad to see Papa. Sad to leave Granpa. Glad to be home and sad to be back at the same time.

Strong feelings for Mama too. Between the parentheses of Santa Cruz and Missoula there was a car ride, flight, long layover, flight, and another car ride. This time the girls did not bask in the praises of fellow travelers. They slept, fought, and cried throughout. I reminded myself that they are indeed “good” children nonetheless. I gave them, and myself, heavy doses of empathy for our plight.

And now we are home and attempting to find ourselves again within the scents of this house and the objects we left behind. Smiling widely at the frantic swing of Henry dog’s tail, sinking easily into Nathan’s aura and our soft bed, musing gently over the ability to hold powerful and different feelings at the same time.

To use the Feeleez poster to describe these feelings I think we might have to snip, rip, and cut each little illustration into tiny pieces, mix it with water and warm it on the stove.

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knotholes have feelings too

IMG_0805There is a family of knotholes that Echo discovered living in the wood panels of the bathroom wall. Today she declared that the Papa knothole is feeling “sad and discouraged”. ¬†By the look of him I think she’s right.

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