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boo hoo

The little red car did eventually pull away from the curb. My sister left this morning, and I am sad. Not only is she my sister, not only do my girls adore her, but she is also a fantastic person. She is funny, strong, generous, thoughtful, independent, and interesting. I am a better person for spending time with her, and I know the same is true for these girls.

This photo is Emily receiving a massage from Echo and Xi after dinner. She had just finished regaling them with stories of yore, the time she broke her arm, and bust her front teeth, and saved a boy at the beach. They were riveted.

This morning when I said Emy was leaving the girls hardly took notice. In just a short week they had become accustomed to her comings and goings, out with the dogs in the morning for coffee, and again in the afternoon for yoga. They were so sure that she would return shortly that they casually waved as Em loaded herself with the detritus of departure. As an adult I was too aware of how long it might be until we saw her again, so I gave them a bit more information and they hopped up to smother her in a group hug.


After she pulled away I did the best I could to take care of myself by hosting play group. I moped while vacuuming up dog hair in preparation and then swung the door wide for mamas and kids. Surrounding myself with friends and scenes like this

helped take the edge off of my missing, but I still wish she lived here.


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filly, feeleez, (we didn’t realize they were basically the same name)

photo courtesy of aunt barbara

photo courtesy of aunt barbara

If you had to guess which of the kids above went on to become a fashion designer you’d pick the one in the pink shower cap right? Well that folks, is my sister, and you’re right, she is a fashion designer. But the reason I bring her up is because this blog is about feelings, and her clothing line, Filly, really celebrates feelings.

These clothes are made to feel good. And I know every designer says that, but I’m not kidding. There is not a snap, zipper, or button in a single piece of her clothing. Every item slides up or down over your body, and every bit of fabric is stretchy.

So that’s how the clothes feel. But how you feel while wearing them is another thing all together. Basically in one word: hot. This is the kind of hot that means you can still ride a bike, pick up your child, or nurse. You can live your life, feel good, and look good.

So that’s how you feel. But how Emily (my sister) feels while making these beautiful clothes is yet another layer. If she’s falling in love (see Fall 2009), if she’s suffering from heartbreak (see Fall 2008), or if she’s excited about moving (see Fall 2007), then her clothes will tell that story.

Emily has lived her entire life swayed by the intensity of her emotions. Now she runs her own business, and instead of shutting down her feelings to become the stoic career woman, she has found a way to let her heart continue to live it’s rich life. I find that commendable.

p.s The Echo look-alike in the front is me! (Of course.)

p.p.s If you want to follow the ebb and flow of Emily’s actually life her blog is a fun read.

p.p.s The scuba diver is my cousin Lesa, a fellow stay at home mom with an MBA in Hispanic Literature.

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