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i feel… fortunate

We have somewhere we go, a lot. It’s somewhere to be that isn’t our house, and isn’t our freezing cold yard. It’s also somewhere we can just be, and our kids can be too. It’s a narrow cafe in the back of an herb shop, and it is always packed to the gills with regulars. We eat bagels, drink tea, and more tea. People watch, eavesdrop, table hop.

Our girls have quite literally grown up here. Their comfort level is such that they join others at their booths for conversation, comic reading, drawing, or chess games. Sometimes our family is mixed into three separate tables, as each finds their interest of the day.

I have complained about these long winters (and they are), this small isolated town (comparatively speaking it is). But the winters drive us indoors to this warm place, and the smallness means we are familiar with most people we meet.

It is a heart blossoming feeling to watch a child run into the arms of a tattooed, lip/ear/cheek/ pierced twenty something, or into the arms of a sixty something artist, or into the arms of a forty something clairvoyant, arms she has known her whole life.

They know her.

This is fortune.



November 22, 2009 at 5:00 am 2 comments

i feel… happy

em, echo, dad

The love brigade has arrived.

Through a series of happy events, Kris and her family are basking in some warm sunshine for a week, and both my sister and my father are housesitting for them while they are gone. This means that in one single evening Emily arrived from Portland, and my dad arrived from Santa Cruz. Within a couple of hours they were piled on the bed reading to Echo and giving her face rubs. Aaaaaaaaaah heaven.

I love my family so much. It is a daily task to not miss the missing parts as much as I do, so to have a portion of them here with me, bathing my daughter in love, is incredible.

echo and dad

November 1, 2009 at 9:47 pm 3 comments

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