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welcome chaos

This is what it looked like outside today, but inside was a perfectly CRAZY day.

Seven kids. Four mamas. Two papas passing through. Seventeen hundred snacks. Two dogs. Ten stories. Three bouts of playing doctor. Five popped balloons. Seventy five spilled tears. Two dirty diapers.

This sounds like a counting book for toddlers, or a birthday party. It wasn’t. It was play group. I think I am one of the luckiest mamas on the face of the planet. I get to spend every thursday with three other mothers that parent in a manner that makes my heart sing. These aren’t the kind of play groups where the kids battle it out in a back room, Lord of the Flies style, while the parents drink coffee in the kitchen. There is caffeine involved, but it is ingested while moving between children, holding them, settling disputes, empathizing. Sometimes, or oftentimes, it isn’t even my own child that  I am assisting. In short, it is fantastic.

I think this type of community has been on Kris’s life map since I’ve known her, so I think I have her to thank for manifesting it for us.



February 4, 2010 at 9:18 pm 1 comment

i feel… fortunate

We have somewhere we go, a lot. It’s somewhere to be that isn’t our house, and isn’t our freezing cold yard. It’s also somewhere we can just be, and our kids can be too. It’s a narrow cafe in the back of an herb shop, and it is always packed to the gills with regulars. We eat bagels, drink tea, and more tea. People watch, eavesdrop, table hop.

Our girls have quite literally grown up here. Their comfort level is such that they join others at their booths for conversation, comic reading, drawing, or chess games. Sometimes our family is mixed into three separate tables, as each finds their interest of the day.

I have complained about these long winters (and they are), this small isolated town (comparatively speaking it is). But the winters drive us indoors to this warm place, and the smallness means we are familiar with most people we meet.

It is a heart blossoming feeling to watch a child run into the arms of a tattooed, lip/ear/cheek/ pierced twenty something, or into the arms of a sixty something artist, or into the arms of a forty something clairvoyant, arms she has known her whole life.

They know her.

This is fortune.


November 22, 2009 at 5:00 am 2 comments

i feel…grateful


I feel so grateful for the group of lovely ladies that we get to spend time with. When I am with them I find myself thinking every child needs a “second mama”, because that is what they are. Second mamas take your child to the bathroom with them, or hold your child’s gum while they eat a bagel. They are not a replacement for mama they are more mama. That’s what these ladies are. We wander in a pack taking over cafes and parks and our children, if they want, can reach for any hand they see and be held, they can reach for any snack and be fed, they can say “Mama!” and four heads will turn. That is fortune.

October 9, 2009 at 6:06 am 2 comments

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