life maps

What started as a way for me to feel less overwhelmed and more excited by my life, has turned into a full fledged “thing”. I did my own life map a little while ago and since then have realized that I am not the only person that could really use one.

What is a life map?

A Life Map is an illustration I do for you of what you want in your life. It is for carrying in your purse to remind you of who you are and what you are becoming, for showing to your new lover to show them what direction you’re heading, to hang on your fridge to add structure to your days, to hide in your drawer for only you to see, like a secret treasure map to your most true self.

How do I use it?

The wonderful people I have been working with find that the process of creating a life map creates immediate improvement in their lives. Having your aspirations simply and clearly defined makes them feel very attainable. By knowing what you are wishing for, or working toward, you are far less likely to become mired in daily distractions or spend energy trudging along a path that is not desired. If in doubt about a particular decision you can check your map and see if it is a match.

How do I get one?

This is how it works. If you know precisely what you want to see in your life and can give me a concise and clear list, I illustrate these concepts and descriptions for you.

If you want help figuring out what is worthy of a life map, and need guidance, I will carry on an email conversation with you until we unearth and simplify your most sincere desires. I then illustrate these for you.

The price for a map is $150.

p.s. If you don’t want a life map but would like to “talk” via email. We can work this out as well.

What about my privacy?

Your map is for you and you only. All of your dreams, secrets, and complaints are kept completely and totally confidential. I will delete all of our emails once you are completely satisfied with your map. I reserve the right to use bits and pieces of the images I draw for you, but all reference to you and your specific life dreams will be completely erased.

I’m interested! What now?

I’m ready to get started with you! Email me:, and we will begin our conversation.

The following is an example.

See what Kris has to say about life maps here.


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