Ursa Majors and Minors

August 5, 2010 at 8:56 am Leave a comment

After winter lifts its grey cloak our family dives into fresh produce season like sailors suffering scurvy. Our regular family shopping trips always start in the produce aisle. We pick up a few plums, grapes, carrots, bananas, a bit of this, a taste of that, loading up before moving on to bulk staples. With five mouths to feed our cart is always a hulking mass by the time we make it to the check-out. But no matter how much fruit we get it is still always the first to go. Our girls circle the fruit bowl like sharks, eyeing the last apricot, or running a covetous finger over fuzzy peach skin. I act as fruit police, Well I think you are the only one that has had any peaches so far…can I offer you something else so that others have a chance to eat some? Eventually the bowl showcases only a couple of dried tomato stems and grit even though several days remain before our next grocery excursion.

So it was our great delight yesterday to pull onto a gravel lane, slide the silver van doors open, and turn the girls out into a thirty-year old peach orchard with the orders to pick as much as they wanted and to be sure they snacked as they went so that they knew they would like what they were choosing. The trees were low and dripping with fruit. No skill or special picking technique was required to grab perfect, sweet, juicy peaches every time. Before we knew it we had selected thirty-two pounds.

We are on a peach based diet for the next several days. We plop a fuzzy orb in each hand and shoo the girls out the backdoor to eat in the evening sun. Juice dripping down their arms and bellies. There might come a moment when they plead: Can we have something else other than a peach…? but so far they have been slurping to their heart’s content. I imagine us as a pack of bears, eating our body weight in summer goodness before tucking ourselves in for a long winter sleep.


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