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During the last ten days I:

slept in until ten, for the first time in three years.

ate dessert almost every single night, like slices of seven layer caramel cake or homemade ice cream sandwiches.

slept from eleven p.m. until five a.m without nursing.

watched the Sound of Music for the first time.

ate perhaps more than my weight of blueberries and fresh fish.

drank a virgin daiquiri, pool side.

toasted a twenty-fifth wedding anniversary.

went to the movies for the first time in three years.

celebrated the wedding anniversary of a plastic dolphin and a plastic whale.

kept swimming while a hurricane passed nearby.

combed my hair and found seaweed in the brush.

held a stick bug.

took daily, crowded showers with all five family members.

bought a bikini and came away feeling better about myself.

chased a shi-tzu puppy into a strangers backyard, multiple times.

taught my children the stand-still-until-the-waves-bury-your-feet game.

went to a country club.

spoke in a southern accent so as to be understood by neighborhood children.


felt fortunate beyond my imagining.

Heading for the hills(mountains) tomorrow. To friends that are family, to a yellow dog, and to the river, please let it be ready for us.


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the bare minimum ooh doggie, aka: pew

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