June 25, 2010 at 2:27 pm 2 comments

We made it.

I feel like flying with children is like an extreme obstacle course.

Challenge One: Hear the alarm.

Challenge Two: Get the kids and suitcases out of the house and into the car on time.

Challenge Three: Pass through airport security with at least seven bins, five pairs of shoes, and a cast iron piggy bank packed into a carry-on (unbeknownst to the parents) that triggers all manner of airport security.

Challenge Four: Negotiate turns at the window seat.

Challenge Five: Manage in-flight toddler boredom and nursing without freaking out the southern gentleman on my left.

Challenge Six: Absorb the parenting¬†from fellow travelers which I enjoy, while steadfastly ignoring the arm pulling, yelling, and bossing, that I don’t enjoy.

Challenge Seven: Get as much people-watching done during layovers as possible while keeping an eye on frisky, itching to wrestle, spin, and run, girls.

Challenge Eight: Don’t trip on the abstract pattered airport carpeting while running toward the out-stretched arms of the grandparents.

Challenge Nine: Hustle three wired, out-of-their-minds-excited-to-finally-be-here-girls into bed before full meltdowns commence.

Final Challenge: Take a deep breath, feel the warm air on our skins, and finally realize that we are on vacation!

They really should make a reality game show out of this kind of thing.


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