3, 2, 1…..summer!

June 14, 2010 at 9:42 am Leave a comment

Summer has arrived overnight.

Sandals, naked girls running through the backyard, cooking dinner in a hot kitchen, ice cream in the shade, pink cheeks and shoulders, sun glasses, resting in shady spots.


It’s the season I wait for all year, basically holding my breath through nine long months, yet now that it’s here I find myself a little disoriented. Montana doesn’t allow for much transition. Our puffy, down coats are still hanging on the coat rack. Winter boots were useful only a couple of weeks ago, so the switch to all-out summer is a little choppy. Give me two more days and I will know where the sunscreen is. A few more and I will be used to having the wild child that is Bella for weeks at a stretch instead of a weekend at a time. Give me a week or two and I might even be able to head some of her jaw-dropping ideas off at the pass instead of following in her tumultuous wake. By the end of the day we will know which windows to open in the morning, and which shades to draw until afternoon.

Until then I’m like a chicken with its head cut off, delirious that summer has arrived, but crunchy around the edges as I flounder through lightening-quick changes. Transition, no matter how happy I am to be transitioning, has always been difficult for me. Knowing this is helpful. If I remember that nirvana is just around the corner maybe I won’t mind a temporary lack of grace.

After all, I soon will be eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, adjusting my floppy hat, watching the river float lazily past, and wishing for it to never, never, please god, never end.


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happy birthday, here’s some poop at a loss?

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