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We all know that our children learn a lot from observing the world around them, and definitely from watching the immediate world within their home, but sometimes that phenomenon is brought to light more clearly than ever. The little girl on the right in this photo is the new big sister of the new baby from the last post. So you can guess what the theme of the play was today. That’s right. Babies

When I left the room to grab the camera, these two tots had bulging baby bellies, plastic dolls jammed beneath their shirts. But when I returned, the babies had arrived. The girls were propped up on pillows, nursing their newborns. The scene was such a close replica it’s as though they were at the actual birth themselves instead of sleeping soundly.

It makes me wonder how much is learned through observation and how much is absorbed, through the air, through sound waves, through the memories and thoughts of others. Musings like this are the kind that make me want to read only wholesome books, watch only G-rated movies, and think only the very best thoughts, even if Echo is asleep or seemingly unaware because somehow they still get it. They really don’t miss a thing.

As a side note, these same two girls were close to destroying one another a couple weeks ago. Both were suffering from coughs and a symptom of their sickness was extreme viciousness. If we kept the two apart, things weren’t too bad, mostly sniffles and fatigue, but if they were in the same room, look out. Face clawing, arm biting, constant tears, and ear piercing screams. If ever there were a time to throw empathy aside in favor of straight up control, those moments would have been it. But we didn’t. Even though the empathy often couldn’t be heard above the shrill sqwaks, we kept at it. Both mamas and both papas just kept explaining, and empathizing.

Eventually the fevers broke. The girls are friends again and we parents didn’t trash our relationship with our children in order to get them to get along.

Which is a good thing because they certainly are watching, and when they have children, real children, not just plastic surrogates, they will love them just as respectfully and just as gently. Unless of course they completely rebel against their mamas’ parenting style and opt instead for kid leashes and shock collars, but we’ll just have to cross that bridge when we get to it. In the meantime I am newly inspired to keep it up.

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