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We have a physically-challenged GI Joe that has been unearthed during our almost two month-long packing process. I think the process has taken so long, in part, because the best packing is done in the dark of the night. If you put something into a box while these little ones are fluttering about… they notice. And I don’t know what it is about something being moved from its visible, and usual location, to an empty box that makes it absolutely irresistible to children, but that’s the phenomena we are working against.

The latest object to be packed by a parent and then unpacked by a child is Joe.

The other night I was cooking dinner and listening in while Echo held a conversation between Joe and a white plastic unicorn. It went like this:

Unicorn: What kind of person are you JOE!!?? What kind of person ARE you? (angry)

Joe: Well, I’m a cocker. I’m a cocker didn’t you know. (deep voice, perfectly calm)

Unicorn: No I don’t know. And I don’t want to know! (livid)

Joe: Then don’t know. (slightly peeved)

(Unicorn stomps off)

(Unicorn returns)

Unicorn: Actually I DO want to know.

Joe: Ok…I’m a cocker.

I love that child.

Now back to packing. We are getting down to the nitty-gritty: pictures, posters, paintings, basement crevices. As I type I can hear a sock drawer calling my name.

(When I made a move away from the computer I noticed that the fleece blanket sarong had made its way to my waist again! Sneaky devil. And yes, I know Kenya is right (see comments for previous post), blanket sarongs do not prey on parents alone. If I am honest with my self, and search back through my memory, I can conjure up images of myself, pre-kid, and wearing a  blanket. Ooops. I thought motherhood was to blame. I thought I had a noble excuse for bad fashion!)

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