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February 8, 2010 at 8:39 pm 2 comments

Baby sleeping? check

Dirty dishes stuffed into the sink to deal with later? check

Giant mason jar of water at the ready? check

Chocolate in hand? check

Okay, ready to write.

Kris left yesterday. She will be a month in Mexico and a couple weeks with family in Canada. This is when I writhe on the ground in agony and choke on the very idea of her being gone for so long. She is within wireless service but still! I just plain like having that woman in my life. I am consoling myself with the idea that her trip could serve as a scouting foray for future trips when my family might get to go along as well. This way we will know the ideal stretch of beach to throw our towels on, the perfect casa to rent for our happy brood, and the best papaya vendor for miles around. I imagine this make-believe future trip to distract me from the fact that this is only the first day of forty-two (or so) days that she will be gone. sigh.

On a happier note, our friends Annie and Chris came to town for the weekend with their sweet two-year old Aila. They even spent the night with us, so that meant two mamas cooking dinner, and two papas tossing kids around in the living room. It is amazing how efficiently and easily a dinner can come together under these circumstances. (Communal living is sounding better and better with each passing day.) And every activity is more fun with children. They are so cute and small and say such fantastic things, so it was a delight to have another little chirping bird at the breakfast table, clamoring for gum (anyone’s toddler not obsessed with gum?), and joining in on long, epic, trips to the café bathroom.

On the home front, I think actual nuts and bolts are appearing on the remodel horizon. It seems action is afoot and before long we will be completely moved out and watching our teeny tiny one and a half bedroom house magically grow into the house in our visions.

So today I mourned Kris, (mindlessly reaching to send her a quick text and then sadly remembering that she isn’t wrangling her kids in a similar fashion across town, but wrangling her kids in another country instead), and said goodbye to Annie, Aila, and Chris. That left a long afternoon. And after days of wild communal entertainment at her fingertips, Echo was looking for Mama to fill the playmate void in a major way. I didn’t particularly want to talk for the mama horse, but I also didn’t exactly know what else to do with the rest of the day either, seems I was suffering a bit from friend withdrawal as well. So I decided to give horse play my all. I galloped through the kitchen, I rescued baby horses from peril, I even contributed witty dialog.

And that’s the news folks.

How could I resist this face anyway?


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curiosity grandmas have really long arms…

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  • 1. kris  |  February 9, 2010 at 7:55 pm

    oh yeah. feeling many of the same things, only sitting on a couch on outdoor patio of casa yaka, sounds of crickets, child crying (not mine, phew), guitar, ocean waves, candles burning, children sleeping, bar-b-que burning. and so strange to be this far away from our life there…i say we ALL come here for an NPC/Feeleez parenting retreat next year…ahhhh. community.

  • 2. Annie  |  February 10, 2010 at 7:45 pm

    We felt some serious friend withdrawals ourselves. They arrived in a bit more cranky fashion and it took me time to figure out just why we were so grumpo with each other. we all just miss our friends.


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