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January 30, 2010 at 6:59 pm 2 comments



Hey, it’s: “Everybody pukes night!”

If these statements haven’t given you  enough fair warning, BE WARNED now. The following post is about vomit.

Life sure is ironic. One day I’m singing the praises of the mama life, and the next night, I am elbow deep in puke. We were up with sweet Xi this time. I guess I already knew that no child is alike but I didn’t realize that theory applies to their vomiting technique as well. It turns out that Xi is the kind of puker that gives herself no warning. There are no preliminary  signs, at least that she recognizes, so we started the night off by a doozy of a barf. A full bed stripping and thorough shower were necessary, so you get the idea. Aside from Xi needing emotional support, her puking style also meant that tucking her back into bed with a bucket wasn’t going to cut it.

In my last post I described how “me time” isn’t something I always need to sustain myself as a human and that I don’t like being made to feel that giving myself time away from the children is a must. But what I realized last night, is that even though I don’t crave “me time”, I sure do cherish “adult time” – those hours after the girls are asleep where we do everything illicit, like eating chocolate, or perhaps having sex. Well … let’s just say none of that happened last night.

Instead, Nathan and I took turns holding the pot for Xi, again and again and again. I made her tea and sat next to her, telling her embarrassing stories from my childhood, while dear Nathan wiped every possible surface down with bleach. He even gathered up each tiny Play-Mobile figure, and Lego and dunked them in a bleach bath. That gives you an idea of how over the whole puking thing we are.

By one thirty, Nathan, the night owl, took over all caretaker duties and I went to bed. I crawled under the covers and snuggled up to Echo while counting my blessings that she was done being sick. And then … she rolled over … inched up close to my neck, and … BARFED.

We, of course, hopped up and repeated the stripping bed and showering routine. But there must have been something invigorating about the process because Echo was quite lively after that. Too lively. It wasn’t until four that she finally, and reluctantly, fell asleep.


So … here is wishing you a healthy weekend.

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  • 1. Angela Malson  |  January 31, 2010 at 8:25 pm

    oh, it sounds like your sleepless nights were very eventful, and messy. i bet you need many days to catch up and rest! we here have had a similar string of nights, but not because anyone has been sick, just up! the full moon made everyone restless, and just awake, wanting to read, play, write, just be awake… in the middle of the night! anyone else experience this? i know that this comes in cycles, always has, with their growth spurts or the pull of the tides, or whatever, but ugh, so difficult when that ‘after everyone is asleep period’ is our only time to get stuff done (work, emails, bills, etc.). hope your tide turns soon and everyone gets better!

  • 2. jo  |  February 2, 2010 at 3:47 pm

    Oh my! I don’t know why hearing other people’s puke stories makes me giggle. I was chuckling all the way through this post. Although I know going through it and getting barfed on is anything but funny! We were unfortunately, in the same barf boat Sunday night. It’s going around. I’m grateful I can laugh at your story! I was not laughing Sunday at 3am! Thank you, as always, for sharing! I always feel less alone and among kindred spirits.


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