January 12, 2010 at 10:11 pm 1 comment

Foundation. A bigger house is officially on it’s way.

Watching these men that made their way from their warm homes, through the icy streets, to our backyard, I began to muse… (I hope you don’t mind the construction metaphors. I really can only write about what is currently happening, so construction might be the inspiration for a few posts. ) … where did these men come from? Who “ordered” them? I mean this in the metaphorical sense, I know very well that our contractor called a foreman, and the foreman let these guys know where the next job site was. And I don’t mean who paid these guys to come pour cement into our back yard either, I am well aware of our very good fortune and the amazing help we get from our family. But how did this whole thing get started?

Well let me tell you. This house began as a shrinky dink.

At 24 I was adrift. I had been living in Cuba and was back in the U.S. looking for somewhere to land. I wasn’t ready to live in my hometown and I didn’t feel connected to any other town either. I craved a home feeling and didn’t know how to get that. So I drew a tiny house on a tiny piece of shrinking paper and cooked it in the oven. Then I strung that on a beaded string to make a pendant. My idea was that as I couch surfed I could hang this little pendant as a symbol of home and thus be comforted.

Eventually I moved to Missoula, the pendant was not foremost on my mind but moved with me as did all my little trinkets. A year later, with the encouragement of my realtor grandmother, I was able to buy a house. It wasn’t until I unpacked that little pendant from it’s storage box that I realized: I HAD BOUGHT THE EXACT HOUSE I HAD DRAWN ON THE SHRINKY DINK. Same shape, same size, same house.

Then I fell in love with a man with two kids, then we got another cat, then we had a child together, and then our little house felt even littler. So what to do? Revise the shrinky dink of course.

The pendant went back up in the kitchen window and life continued on. But fast forward  two years, add generous parents, and voila! We now have in hand a set of plans that LOOK EXACTLY LIKE THE REVISED SHRINKY DINK. And today men arrived in our  backyard to pour the foundation.

So back to construction metaphors. If thoughts and feelings can lead to shrinky dinks, which then lead to actual real life  phenomena, then what are we creating with the thoughts and feelings we are having today? And if we know we are going to receive what we think, then what do we want to think?

What foundation are you laying?


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  • 1. Ivy  |  January 14, 2010 at 11:36 am

    That looks like the physical representation of the idea of putting forth your deepest wish to the universe and the universe will answer. I love it!


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