sadness makes a lousy souvenir

January 7, 2010 at 5:09 am Leave a comment

Sometimes you don’t have money.

Sometimes you don’t have any friends.

Sometimes you crash in an airplane and burn your whole body.

Sometimes you slip on an icy puddle.

Sometimes your dog dies.

Sometimes it is all just too much.

The weight that we carry is so heavy it’s a wonder we don’t die  from sadness more often. Our bodies and minds handle so much trauma and continue on. The very worst thing can happen and we still live.

It’s almost as if the Universe is always saying “SO WHAT? So your very worst fear came true, or your Dad left you when you were a teenager, or you were kidnapped as a child, so what? What does that have to do with living?”

It would seem more fair if we were somehow let off the hook when something bad happens, if we were given a hall pass that said we didn’t have to take out the trash, take emotional risks, or be left by a lover, if we have already experienced tragedy. But alas, there is no hall pass. Life carries on, and amazingly, nothing that came before today even matters.

As it turns out there isn’t even a reward for loading up a basket with all our accumulated pain and lugging it around while running errands. And, (even worse!), if someone flips us off for no reason, or doesn’t call us back, we still don’t have the right to set down that basket of pain and unload it onto the sidewalk for others to trip on. Darn it! It can feel so good, in a so-bad-kind-of-way, to gather pain, catalog it, organize it, and flip through it like a scrapbook.

If it doesn’t earn a hall pass, if a whole basket of it isn’t worth anything on today’s market, then what’s sadness good for anyway?

Well that’s just it isn’t it. A feeling is simply a feeling. Not worth any money, not even welcome at times. Just something that is. I guess we just live life anyway, and lovingly dump out the basket when we’re ready.


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cringe mad or sad, does it really matter which one it is?

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