joie de vivre

December 6, 2009 at 5:00 am 1 comment

We watched a holiday parade tonight in the freezing cold and the guy next to us was wonderful to stand next to. He whooped, chuckled,  and twittered with delight. He had joie de vivre and it’s fun to be around.

It got me thinking that I’ve found a bit of that these days, really enjoying my little girl’s kisses, the sensation of slipping my hands into warm, soapy, dishwater, and the sliding, gentle crushing of the ice on the river. But I’ve also noticed a little bit of “sorrow de vivre”, and maybe even that type of feeling that comes with a crush, “yearning de vivre”.

Emily’s sadness about her dog Bello, and the feelings that brings about losing other important parts of our lives, is big and vivid. The sparkle on the tree branches is heart tugging. Henry dog’s soft fur is achingly yummy. Concern and love for Gabe, on the brink of labor with a newly shattered wrist, is sharp.

It’s as though I’ve suddenly been given a dog’s strong sense of smell, but it is feelings I am perceiving so potently, instead of scent. They float in on the wind, I tear up, want to curl up, or reach out, and then they skitter on their way again.

There is so much. You know? So much to love and treasure.

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  • 1. Ivy  |  December 6, 2009 at 8:27 am

    A great picture — I love how happy you look. Have you ever made homemade “quick” sand out of corn starch and water? Sometimes I think emotions are like that — held one way you can feel them and think them solid, and another way they just slip through your fingers.


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