you snooze, i lose…?

November 11, 2009 at 5:00 am Leave a comment


Today, drum roll please…. Echo took a nap. I present this with fanfare because she NEVER takes a nap. Even as a little baby she’d sleep in thirty minute stretches if I was holding her, and if I was upright, and if I was moving. If I sat down on a moving swing? Nothing doing. If I swayed back and forth while standing and while holding? Nothing doing. So, what this means is that my entire non-Echo-centric world is squeezed into the hours of the night that she sleeps. All Feeleez related work, all blogging, all adult conversations with Nathan, all non G-rated movies, all chocolate eating, all showering… you get the picture.

So she took a nap, which means she’ll be up later, which means that if I am going to get any sleep at all I need to do at least a couple of the above activities NOW. So as I type, she is chirping happily, playing legos with Papa, asking questions, moving tiny playmobile figurines, and keeping up a constant dialog of make believe.

i love a giiiiirl! I love uh uh uh uh! and she was with her nana last year and her nana said so good to see you! and it is so good. and here is their barn. and the house needs a chipmunk. and the chipmunks died. and that’s how it goes when you borrow it. and the blue and the orange. and dark blue! put it on. this is called razzleberry dazzleberry. and this is for papa. no papa! it’s not ice cream it’s a chipmunk! and here is for you mama! it’s a good dipper bug.

With this background music, I’m having trouble concentrating. I don’t think a coherent post is in the cards this evening. “Good dipper bugs”, aka lego towers, are being delivered to my lap as I type. I’m tempted to say isn’t this the life? in a sarcastic tone, but really, isn’t this the life?


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