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October 15, 2009 at 6:00 am 1 comment


What if six year olds ruled the world (or even just your household)?

There is a lot of back and forth at our house. We are a modern, mixed family so both Bella and Xi come and go  from our house in three or four day chunks. We’d rather have them all, all of the time, but some days there is one child and on other days there are three. And, by the way, in case you don’t already know this, two kids are not really like double the amount of one, it really feels more like doubling the effect of one kid and adding six more. And three kids? Well that’s kind of like when the weather is technically forty degrees but with wind chill it feels like negative six. Three kids isn’t just one kid multiplied by three. Three kids feels more like, say, ninety five kids. So, anyway, yesterday was just a one child day. Just Echo puttering about with a few toys, stopping to nurse or read books, crashing out at seven thirty.

But today… a sibling was added. And the first thing I noticed? Well after I noticed how cute Xi is and how much I miss her when she is gone, the first thing I noticed was: “WAAAAAAH!!!!!”

Older siblings make younger ones cry.

Okay, to be fair, Echo cried yesterday too. But just a little bit here and there from frustration or fatigue, or maybe an owie, not like today. Today there seemed to be wails every five minutes. They weren’t always caused by pain (but sometimes they were!), sometimes they were caused by a misunderstanding, or a dispute over who was playing with what toy, or who knows what, but they were heard loud and clear.

So in my mind I simplified things and I came up with this: one kid equals less noise, less mess, less crying. Two kids equal more noise, more crying, more insanity. But then I realized…

More kids equal more FUN. It’s true. Our day at home yesterday was mild and serene, but you need the older child to take games to the next level, to complicate the events with more creativity and challenge. Part of why Echo was crying is because she was participating in much more complex activities.

If Xi weren’t here, then the red bouncy ball would never have been tied to the plastic bouncy pony which was then tied to the doorknob of the backdoor. I’m a pretty cool mom but if given the choice between a neat and tidy activity like stories, over a wild, and household disrupting game of insane carnival ride, I usually choose stories. But when the six year old sibling directs the play it’s not really up to me.

So if six year olds ruled this household this is what dinnertime would look like.


But I watched those girls on their wild carnival ride and remembered that yes more kids means more, but more of EVERYTHING. More kisses goodnight, more nonsensical jokes at dinnertime, more living room dance recitals, and more weddings to imaginary people. More. And, tonight at least, that feels really good.


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  • 1. Ivy  |  October 15, 2009 at 7:45 am

    What a nice perspective. I have three all of the time and lately I just feel tired and frustrated. I needed the reminder that they can be fun too. Thanks.,


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