my mind is not always a friend to my feelings

October 12, 2009 at 6:01 am Leave a comment


On Friday, on the Natural Parenting Center blog, Kris offered the the “assignment” of spending 15 minutes of the day being simply present with one’s children. I spend every day, all day, with at least Echo. When Nathan is home maybe I will take Henry on a dog walk but most often Echo even comes along for that. So I thought I was already spending at least 15 minutes fully present with the girls each day. But when I tried it on as a new notion I noticed that I am often multi-tasking, or at the very least multi-thinking, and not doing that was a challenge.

Then there was a crux point in the evening when Xi was having a really hard time, and then Echo really needed me to stop paying so much attention to Xi, and then Bella was really asking a lot of questions without noticing the state of current affairs, and I realized…I was present. My mind was not elsewhere. I was there. I was on the bunk bed holding one girl, rubbing the back of the other, answering the questions of the other other without any idea of what to do next and it didn’t matter. We were just there together and there was no where we needed to go. My mind was at a loss and so therefore was QUIET. And then I did have a thought, “I’m doing it!”, and then it quieted again.

Simply playing in the living room with the girls while thinking about email, and the state of my body, and how many groceries we needed, and and and and…. was difficult. But juggling three unhappy girls at once was easy because my mind was present.

Thanks Kris.


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