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We now have coloring pages!!! Charlie, Grace, and Kate were the first to try them out and gave us the thumbs up. There is a link at the bottom of the homepage. Have fun and please share any fun coloring stories, we’d LOVE to hear them.


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empathy comes in strange forms

These days Echo is VERY interested in matching like with like. In this photo she is organizing wire connectors by color, forming families. To her, if one thing is like another then they belong together. The big phone is the mama and the little phone is the baby and they should always be together. So at our house one of the best ways we can have empathy for Echo is to keep the little frying pan with the big frying pan, the kid piano with the adult piano, the big pencil with the little pencil. If we want our kids to care about another person’s feelings then modeling care for their feelings, no matter how silly they may seem to us, is imperative.

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what if?

Play-doh Shoes
What if we said YES even when our gut response was NO? What if we used all of our empathetic powers to imagine what the other person was feeling? Would we say YES more often? If you really tried on the idea of what it would feel like to squish into warm, home-made play doh with your bare feet while standing on the kitchen table would you still say NO to the kid’s request? If you imagined that squishy goodness squeezing between your toes in a delightful, cozy, embrace would you still say NO?
Probably not.

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Hitting Isn’t “Nice”

When you tell a child that something they are doing “isn’t nice” you are lying. Nothing ever falls into such a succinct category. What we usually mean to say is we don’t like what the child is doing or that we are concerned someone else might not like what they are doing. We are trying to communicate our feelings when we say something like this, but we are failing. If we want kids to tell us how they are feeling or care about other people’s feelings then let’s start by modeling that. It would be better to say, “Wow! I feel worried you guys are going to get hurt with that game!” or “Hey, I feel sad when you hit her,” or simply show you care about everyone’s feelings by asking them how they feel about what is going on. In this video Xi and Echo demonstrate that on this day, in this moment, hitting is fine (and fun!).
There is no “nice”, there are only feelings in reaction to actions and these change moment to moment, day to day.

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