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law of attraction quote

Most people don’t think that new-born children could be the Creator of their own reality because they are not even talking, yet. But the Universe is not responding to your language, anyway. The Universe is responding to your vibration — and your vibration is about the way you feel.


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Ty Ty’s Wisdom

gods-little2I’m reading a  book called God’s Little Acre, it’s been censured and banned in many a state, not at all a children’s book, yet I keep finding little gems that resonate with our Feeleez work. This quote comes toward the end of the book when the lives of the characters are unraveling. Ty Ty, the main character is a religious man, if the word “God” offends you please use whichever substitute you prefer.

                          ” The trouble with people is that they try to fool themselves into believing that they’re different from the way God made them. You go to church and a preacher tells you things that deep down in your heart you know ain’t so. But most people are so dead inside that they believe it and try to make everybody else live that way. People ought to live like God made us to live. When you sit down by yourself and feel what’s in you, that’s the real way to live. It’s feeling. Some people talk about your head being the thing to go by, but it ain’t so. Your head gives you sense to show you how to deal with people when it comes to striking a bargain and things like that, but it can’t feel for you. People have got to feel for themselves as God made them to feel. It’s folks who let their head run them who make all the mess of living. Your head can’t make you love a man, if you don’t feel like loving him.”

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feeleez is going to japan!

feeleez will be entering the japanese market within a month or so. japanese children are ready for responsibly made educational toys!

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orders gallore!

we are delighted with the many orders we are receiving for holidays from individuals purchasing from our online store as well as our beloved retailers who are stocking up.  apparently, people are hungry for responsibly-made educational toys! parents, teachers, therapists and pyschologists are enjoying what feeleez has to offer-open-ended, creative play with feelings.  as children learn to identify their feelings, they become better able to express them in non-violent ways.  they also become more empathic towards others.  thank you to all of our supporters.  we love creating feeleez products for you.  our alphabet book is waiting to hear from the publisher! stay tuned.

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